Laravel Websockets with React Native

Recently I was trying to implement React Native chat with Laravel Websocket and I couldn't find any guide or help. So I thought, I will document the process i used to implement it.

Laravel Websocket is a fantastic package by BeyondCode which can be used to setup a simple websocket server on top a laravel project. This project can also be used a Drop-in Pusher replacement. You can read the documentation and details from their site.

Please for the guide in their documentation to install the package. After installing you should get an APP_KEY, APP_SECRET, WEBSOCKET_URL and WEBSOCKET_PORT. Then follow the steps below.

Since this is a drop-in pusher replacement, we can user Pusher packages. So first install pusher-js package to react native application.

npm install --save pusher-js

Create pusher client wrapper file

import Pusher from 'pusher-js/react-native';

let APP_KEY = '1234567890'
let AUTH_URL = ''
let WEBSOCKET_PORT = '6001'

export default (token) => {
    let options = {
        encrypted: false,
        key: APP_KEY,
        wsHost: WEBSOCKET_URL,
        wsPort: WEBSOCKET_PORT,
        disableStats: true,
        authEndpoint: AUTH_URL + 'broadcasting/auth',
        forceTLS: false,
        auth: {
            headers: {
                'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token,
    return new Pusher(options.key, options);

Import the client wrapper and subscribe to the channels

import PusherClient from '../PusherClient';

let user = await AsyncStorage.getItem('user');
let token = await AsyncStorage.getItem('token');

let pusher = new PusherClient(token);

var channel = pusher.subscribe(`messages.${user}`);
    (data) => {

Remember to append private- if you are listening to private message.

var channel = pusher.subscribe(`private-messages.${user}`);
    (data) => {

Hope this helps  anyone looking to implement this. Thanks.

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